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Super eight panel caps at affordable prices

Posted on November 11th, 2015

Just one of the many available

Just one of the many Eight panel caps available

Leaves on the ground, mist in the morning and British summer time ending can only mean one thing, the autumn season has finally arrived. Consistently we find that one of our most popular trends for autumn is our 8 panel caps. This month we’ve decided to showcase this wonderful range that mixes durability with style.

The 8-Panel cap style-also known in some quarters as a newsboy cap-has a rich and vibrant history. Popular across Europe and America during the 19th and 20th centuries newsboy caps were worn by everyone from newsboys to tradesmen. Lately these hats are now increasingly worn by various different groups as a fashion statement or a practical outdoor hat. This year in particular has seen this type of style go through a real resurgence.

Due to their popularity, we have increased our range with three new additions. H91, H92 and H96 are available under the Hawkins brand and features the stiff peak, panels, round body and button at the top. Alongside these we have favourites such as last year’s bestseller EHT2 along with AE24 and A45.

Customers looking for a practical outdoor cap to keep heads warm during the harsher weather will love this range. But so will those simply wanting to create a vintage look with the added bonus of having kept cosy. The beauty of our 8 panel caps is just how universal they are. Many of the caps offering a wide range of hat sizes from 56cm to 61cm.

With gentle and calm colours like navy, olive and grey, these hats contain colour schemes that are perfect for the autumn months moving on into winter. But the true brilliance of these hats is that they are great value for money. With prices available from £2.33 onwards these hats will give you the opportunity of great profit margins and will no doubt be popular with your customer base. Understandably these caps are well requested so remember to place orders now.

While all of these 8 panel caps are fantastic for this time of year, this is also an apt time to remind people that we have similar tweed and trilby hats. Click the hats below to take a closer look or take a look further at our outstanding winter collection. Remember we also offer 10% discount on those order paid in advance.

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